Explore 313 Somerset

313@somerset is often a place for Youth to hangout but do you know that it is actually a place for everyone, from all walks of life?

In this challenge, I'll be exploring the different stores in 313@somerset to see what I can do and what I can eat as well!

So I was given this six letters :


With this six letters I have to head down to the stores with the corresponding alphabets.
Here is a short video clip of the shops that I visited during my trip in 313@somerset. Can anyone of you guess what are the shops I visited ?

Did you guys manage to catch a glimpse of the Tring 313 application that is in my short video?!

Yes people … OMG OMG OMG!!! Another platform for vouchers and offers. Perfect for people who wants the best deal.

This application is pretty cool as well cause it make use of your location . So if you ever get lost within the radius of the mall. Just open the app and somehow you will find your way from one shop to the other.

With that being said, I'm so gonna check out more shops !


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