SnapChat spectacles 🕶

Loving the new snap spectacles.

It is not only stylish but also super useful. Just click on the button on my shades and i am able to record a short video of my view (saves the hassle of taking out my camera)

It is designed in such a way that there are two yellow rings on each side of the frame.
One for the camera and the other holds an LED lighting which will light up when the camera is recording.

It is able to work on both Android and iOS devices. With just a touch of a button and you will able to record what you see (like literally)

To record a video, all you need to do is to press the button and it will start recording for approximately 10 seconds. Like any other cam corder, there will be a light to indicate that it is recording but what's so cool is that there is a swirling white light on the left side of the frame so that people will be aware that they are being videoed for that 10 seconds.

Then after just using Bluetooth to sync those videos into your phone, you can edit by applying filters and upload it as a snap, it's just that simple 😎

Although the quality of the camera might not be as good as Apple, Cannon or Nikon. It does however  have a 115 degree camera lens at eye level, capturing the video at a whole new level 😉

Another feature that I think is deserving to be mentioned is that the charging cable to charge the camera is yellow and black which matches the Colour of the snap spectacles. ( for those fashionistas who care about the details 😎 )

And the box which hold the spectacles can recharge it for approximately 3 times. It saves you the hassle of looking for a charging port while you are out.

This pair of specs comes in limited quantities ... i.e. Limited collection. ( For those who like to be unique and want something that few others have )
Therefore, I'm really grateful to be one of the few lucky ones to get my hands on one.
Many thanks to @themusicrun for snap specs. <3


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