A Cafe Hopping Adventure

So in this post I'll be sharing more about TGY17 challenge 6 the cafe hopping experience I had with my partner Don.

So what actually happened was that when we reached there, we were assigned to our designated partner according to the time we arrived. Guess fate brought us together 😂

The first cafe we visited is Food Anatomy located right outside Tanjong Pagar MRT station (don't have to worry about the intense heat from the sun and the heavy rain especially during cafe hopping).

So what's so interesting about this place?

It is a fusion of art and delicacies. (Pretty picture worthy) 😏 Well basically they look like cakes but they are not! They are called WHACKY MODULAR CREATIONS.

They are designed in cube form which is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also tempting to be devoured down 😋.

Whacky modular creation is perfect for people like me who are worried about getting fat but still have different cravings for one meal. You get to choose from one cube all the way to three different cubes of your choice, suitable for people who don't eat much too 😏 So for example if I feel like eating nasi lemak, green curry and seafood baked rice, I will just have the All-Day-Meal with 3 of its modular creations.

 Why visit ?

Prices are affordable.

• Convenient and is not difficult to find as it is right outside the MRT station gantry. 

• Suitable for people with small appetite 

• Instagram-worthy 

The next cafe we visited is dal.komm.

Yes right ! The cafe you see in Goblin and Descendants Of The Sun.

It is located at Centrepoint mall, right opposite 313@somerset.
Nearest MRT station : Somerset station

It is the perfect place for gossiping. If you're like gossip girls who love to gossip after shopping then this cafe is perfect for you.


Because it's right in Town!
After you finish walking Orchard, Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut, you can just grab a cup of coffee and a slice of their delicious cake.

Enjoy the ambiance with your bestie after shopping. Is it also pretty ideal for a date.

Look a few of my favourite cakes ...

LOVE how they combine marshmallows and the chocolate together, really makes me fall in love with marshmallows again.

If you're a CREEEEEAAAAAAMMMMYYY person, then baby this is perfect for you ;)

This is for people who love different vibrant and exciting colors, really reminds me of chromatography.

When you drop by, do try out their Kimichi pizza. I personally love their crust, is not charred nor too crispy. Just right for me :)

With that said, I would like to thank Food Anatomy and dal.komm for being such great hosts. I would also like to thank Teenage Magazine for this opportunity to try out this great food.


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